A varied programme, exhibitors and a range of riding activities will turn the 2019 Touratech Travel Event, from May 10th to 12th, into a gathering place for motorbike fans from near and far. Last year, visitors from all over the world found their way to South Wales, UK.

To take part in ride-outs, camping and some activities you will need a wristband. The price for this wristband is £30 per bike (Pillion comes for free). You'll get a voucher for 10% off all Touratech products (valid until 30th June 2019), plus:

  • Camping
  • Guided off-site green laning
  • Guided road ride-Outs
  • Off-road obstacle activities
  • Bike related competitions
  • Test rides on other off-road manufacturer/s bikes
  • Guided off-road riding (levels 1-4)

Only coming for the day? Just want to pop in and see what all the commotion is it about? No problem! This will be absolutely free.

If you decide later in the day that you do want to get involved in the activities, then just pop over to the signing on area and our staff will be on hand to get you a wristband.


Get the adventure bug, gather and exchange information, have fun in a relaxed atmosphere or plan your next trip with knowledgeable riders – Touratech’s Travel Event is a must for many motorcycle fans.

The Travel Event starts on Friday, May 10th, from midday. The varied programme includes exciting talks and interesting workshops on subjects such as helmets, travelling and rough camping.

The range of riding activities is wider than ever: Tours, training sessions and guided off-road riding of various difficulty levels are meant to be an incentive for motorbike riding and travelling. Riders can experience the Touratech Tour Guides' favourite routes or get inside tips for the next trip. There will be different tracks for off-road newbies to gain their first experiences beyond tarmac, under guidance. There will also be tracks for the experienced enduro riders to improve their skills. Spaces are limited, therefore riders are asked to register online.

Visitors can meet like-minded riders during the event and get vital knowledge, as well as just exchange stories. If you have a bike or have an interest in adventure riding, then there’s something for everyone.